School Photo Album Oat



Gone are the days of wondering where to store all of those school photos that we so carefully collect & keep every year!

Say hello to our School album, made for memory keeping! 
Our peel and stick album is perfect for storying photo's and keepsakes. 

A home for all the school photos, awards, ribbons, and collected treasures even those iconic drawings, suitable for all ages!

Our School Album features 20 double sided pages (40 total pages) and comes in 3 stunning colours, Oat Midnight Turquoise and Coral Beige. 

These will be your good old days 

It's time to showcase the good old days and give those memories a good old home.

Additional Front page "This book belongs too" insert available as an add-on product. 

Quick note: Our keepsake boxes are the unsung heroes of album protection, ensuring your memories arrive safe and sound. If the album inside is pristine, it's a testament to the box doing its job! While the box might show minor wear like dings or marks, your album remains untouched. If you have any questions or concerns, reach out anytime. We're here to ensure your Bloom experience is nothing short of perfect!


  • Peel & stick feature for easy use
  • Box size – L 35.5x H 34 x W 3.5cm
  • Album size – L 32.3 x H 33.5 x W 2.5cm
  • Photo area size – L 25.5cm x H 32cm
  • Total pages 40 ( 20 double sides pages)
  • Gold embossed writing on box cover and album cover – These will be the good old days
  • Available in 3 colours: Oat, Midnight Turquoise & Coral Beige



Q: Once I have added a photo in the album, can I easily remove the image/s or change to other pages? 
A: Yes! Our easy to use peel and stick feature allows for easy changes. 

Q: Does this store just school photos, or can I add ribbons, certificates and drawings?
A: Yes, our album allows for multiple uses. Just keep in mind the bulkier the ribbon/certificate the bulkier it may make the album. We love that we can safe-keep all the school memories together and therefore the Album does come with a safe-keeping box which can be utilised for other bulkier school keep-sakes if you wish. 

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