santa has invited you to celebrate with jessiika wilson, on behalf of all those who make bloom store

+ be the first to take home our all new 2022 Christmas Album. This album will be released on the night and all attendee’s will be taking one home!

it’s the christmas party we’ve all been waiting for,

the kind where you arrive and just feel like ‘this is instantly going to be a good night’.

If you know Jessiika Wilson, you know she loves a good time and she loves to celebrate all the big and small things in life, so Christmas and Bloom Store is no exception.

You’ll be greeted to an impressive cocktail tower because we promise we didn’t want to do anything half way, we want you to have the full experience of delicious drinks, delicious food, great entertainment (The only hint I will give you here is… Santa is coming to say hello!

the one rule you have is to come and have fun!

Welcome Cocktail Tower / Roaming Canapes 3 Hour Cocktails & Drinks Package included Spicy entertainment / DJ & Dance Floor All new Bloom Store Christmas Album / Prizes

Party as long as you can!