thank you!

So you've got your order—yay! We're doing a happy dance for you.

If you're new here, a warm welcome to the Bloom community; we're thrilled to have you! And for our OG customers, it's lovely to see you again. Now that your album has arrived, you might be thinking, "Now what?" Don't worry, girl; we've got you covered.

What now?

Step 1

Album Assurance Hug

We know you're ready to embark on a journey of unboxing delight. But First things first – give your albums a little love and a quick check. We're all about perfection, but just in case something sneaked past us, let us know before the 14-day return dance is over and we'll make it right.

Step 2

Eco-Friendly Packaging Party

Let's chat about the afterparty – the packaging. We've kept it green, and now it's your turn! Unwrap your treasures and toss that packaging with flair into the recycling bin. Our packing peanuts party with water, the box gets a new lease on life in the recycle bin, and the tape? Oh, it's a compostable superstar. It's like giving the planet a high-five every time you unbox.

Step 3

Album Identity Crisis – What's Its Purpose?

Time for the fun stuff! What's the vibe for your new album? Is it a school album, a baby album, or a holiday memoir? Take a moment to vibe with your memories and decide on the theme that feels like a cozy sweater for your cherished moments.

Step 4

Photo-Picking Magic

Open the digital treasure trove – your camera roll! Start picking the MVPs – the Most Valuable Photos – and hit that 'favourite' button. This step isn't just about picking pics; it's about creating a symphony of memories that'll bring your album to life. You got this!

Step 5

Print Party – Don't Procrastinate!

Print time! Resist the temptation of the "I'll do it later" siren call. Pro-tip: head to the Harvey Norman Photo Centre app. It's like a magic wand for turning digital moments into tangible treasures. Print from your phone, pick up in-store the next day, or have it waltz to your doorstep. Quick, easy, and oh-so-satisfying.

Step 6

Shine in the Bloom Spotlight

Feeling like a star? Grab that phone and hit record! Send us a video where you spill the beans about your album. Why'd you make it? What's the love story with those photos? Bonus: You might just snag a $50 voucher! We're all ears (and eyes) for your Bloom brilliance.

Step 7

Join the Bloom Store Community on Facebook

Wait, there's more! Join our Bloom Store Community Group on Facebook to ask questions, connect with others, see behind-the-scenes updates, and enjoy surprise discounts. It's the place to be for all things Bloom!


Closing Time – But Not Goodbye

And that's a wrap – almost!

A massive thank you for inviting Bloom Store to be a part of your memory-making shindig. You're not just a customer; you're a vital part of our Bloom family. If you ever need a chat or want to share your album adventure, we're just a message away. Cheers to creating magic, and thanks a bunch for being the sunshine in our Bloom world! 🌸🎉