At home with Krystal Dahaby

If you’re into interiors and beautiful homes then you probably already know
who Krystal Dahaby is.
Krystal also known as @houseofharvee on Instagram has been blessing us with her beautiful home styling and renovation updates since 2020 starting off with her incredible Kitchen Makeover that featured on the cover of Adore home magazine in February of 2022.

Krystal has hit the ground running with her home renovations and quite frankly in our opinion has knocked it out of the park every single time! So it was only fitting that she be the first to feature in our “At home with” Interior blog series. We asked Krystal for her tips and tricks and also how she makes the most of her Bloom Store Photos Albums, see what she said below!

Question 1: Krystal your home is absolutely stunning from the front door to the back door! What inspires you when it comes to interior design, and how has that influenced the way you've designed your own home?
Krystal: Designing our own home has been a long process for sure. I think the biggest inspiration for me is wanting to create a space that feels homely, inviting and comfortable when you are in it but also when you capture it in a photograph. I love when people tell me they wish they could just jump in the photo and snuggle up in the space I have created. 
Question 2: Can you walk us through your design process when creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing space in your home?
Krystal: I always think about how the space should "feel" when I'm designing a room. What do I want to feel when I'm there, do I want it to feel warm and homely or do I want it have more of a striking feel etc. 
Then I search the world for my pieces I will add. I always start with a big piece. Either a couch or rug or artwork etc. Once I have the big piece I then add items that work with that piece. It can be a slow process but 
I really like to make sure I am 100% on my choices because I don't want to be changing them often, especially big pieces like a couch. 
Question 3: How have you incorporated your personal style into your home's design, and what are some of your favorite design elements in your own space?
Krystal: I definitely try to make our home feel like us. I'm always trying to add individuality to my spaces at home, so they stand apart from what can be a saturated space online. 
I love having something that when people see a picture they know it's my house.. Like our pink couch for example, we have had that for 4 years now and it still adds such a point of different from our home to the next. 
Question 4: What challenges have you faced when designing your own home, and how did you overcome them?
Krystal: Separating what I want and what I think I need based on trends, can be really difficult. Especially being online so often, I sometimes find myself obsessing over a piece or a style that I think I want for my home but then realise that it's actually not what feels right in our space at all. When I am about to, or in the midst of designing a space for my own house I actually stay off the interior platforms a little and concentrate more on magazines for inspiration so I can really figure out what I want and what we will love for our home and not something that the internet is telling me to like. 
Question 5: to finish up Can you give us some tips on how to style our Bloom albums and share how you’ve incorporated them into your home?
The Bloom albums are so aesthetically pleasing and really suit most areas of the home. My tips would be to have them somewhere where you can easily grab it and have a look though them.
I love them from coffee table books and bookshelves. There is nothing sweeter than when your kids grab the albums and want to sit with you and look at all the memories in the albums. By having them out on coffee tables or shelves, it allows more of that to happen.  

We love Krystal here at Bloom and if you would like to find out more about her or find inspiration from her socials then head to her Instagram page @houseofharvee linked here, you won’t be disappointed!

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Love this, so inspiring and so much style.

Jenni Giardina July 05, 2023

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