At home with Rebecca Malazian

The first time we ever received a special mention and video tag off of  Bloom Store Customer was when Rebecca, known as @rmm_Interiors tagged us on Instagram and I was SO obsessed with how she styled our Staple Albums in her new living room space. Rebecca
is married with two beautiful boys, living on the coast of Perth. 
Since being a young girl she has always had a passion for art and design. Rebecca studied fashion design & marketing in England before emigrating to Australia.  Her interior design journey started when designing and building her own home. She enjoyed every aspect of the design process but her favourite part of the process was designing the interior. We Took a step into Rebecca's home and asked her a few questions about her interior design process and choices! 

Rebecca we love your home! Your Aesthetic is so clean and coherent, how would you describe your personal home style or design preferences?
Modern contemporary / Traditional 
I really enjoy mixing modern and traditional elements together to create a living space full of character and warmth. 
 What are the important factors you consider when designing a home to make it look and feel cohesive?
There’s so many things to consider. I would start with the Colour palette, and keep this fairly consistent throughout the home. 
Scale and proportion. Carefully consider the size and layout of the furniture pieces, decide on a focal point, and add a hero piece to make a statement
Texture and Pattern, This can be created using textiles such as cushions, rugs and curtains but also wood grains and natural stone.  

How do you choose colours, textures, and patterns for your interior design projects?
I start by creating mood boards and flat lays, collecting samples of materials and paint colours to visualise how these finishes look and feel together. A great place to start is by choosing an art piece and drawing colours and inspiration from that. 
4.Do you incorporate personal items or sentimental objects in your designs? If yes, how do you do it?
Of course! I believe displaying a few sentimental items adds character and personality to a space, making it feel like “home” 

How have you styled our bloomstore photo albums in your home and what do you love about them? 
They are styled with our decor on shelves beside a fireplace in our family living room. The neutral colours of the albums match perfectly with our decor. Having them on display reminds us to look through them more often, with our family and friends too which we really enjoy. 

If you'd like to get to know Rebecca more and follow along on her interior design journey then check out her Instagram page here! 

Thanks Rebecca for being so insightful! x 

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How beautiful, I love simplicity and elegance.
I also love that photo albums are becoming more popular.

Mai July 12, 2023

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